Current exhibition

Susanne Wind works on the island of Föhr

WOHNwerkstatt Föhr | Andrea Gmelin | 8. - 31. AUgust 2023

”The sea shrouded in light, shrouded in brightness...“ borrowed words from the poet Wolfgang Hilbig, that immaculately describe the love for the ensemble of sea and sky in Susanne Wind´s works. A feeling of eternity emerges when considering the infinite size of the sea, the sun and the clouds. A constant change of light, drives the artist to vividly capture happy moments. This summer Susanne Wind works on the island of Föhr.

 Studio + Exhibition in the Wohnwerkstatt Föhr Andrea Gmelin | Mo-Fr 12-17 h | Sa 10.30-14 h | Wilhelmstraße 9 | 25938 Wyk auf Föhr

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